Saturday, April 29, 2006

Miami Girls Baseball Schedule


The second team listed is the home team. All games begin at 6:30.

May 2

Morris vs. Carman
Altona vs. Morden1
Morden 2 vs. DC
Miami vs. Plum Coulee
Emerson - Bye

May 4

Carman vs. Altona
Morden 1 vs. Emerson
Miami vs. Morden 2
Plum Coulee vs. Morris
DC - Bye

May 9

Morris vs. Morden 1
Carman vs. DC
Altona vs. Miami
Emerson vs. Plum Coulee
Morden 2 - Bye

May 11

Morden 1 vs. Carman
Plum Coulee vs. Morden 2
DC vs. Morris
Miami vs. Emerson
Altona - Bye

May 16

Plum Coulee vs. Morden 1
Morden 2 vs. Morris
Altona vs. Emerson
DC vs. Miami
Carman - Bye

May 18

Plum Coulee vs. Altona
Morden 2 vs. Carman
Morris vs. Miami
Emerson vs. DC
Morden 1 - Bye

May 23

Morden 1 vs. Morden 2
Carman vs. Miami
Emerson vs. Morris
DC vs. Plum Coulee
Altona - Bye

May 25

Morden 1 vs. DC
Altona vs. Morden 2
Emerson vs. Carman
Miami vs. Plum Coulee
Morris - Bye

May 30

Morden 2 vs. Emerson
Morris vs. Altona
Carman vs. Plum Coulee
Miami vs. Morden 1
DC - Bye

June 1

Altona vs. DC
Emerson vs. Morden 1
Morden 2 vs. Carman
Morris vs. Plum Coulee
Miami - Bye

June 6

Morden 1 vs. Altona
Emerson vs. Morden 2
Carman vs. Morris
Miami vs. DC
Plum Coulee - Bye

June 8

Carman vs. Emerson
Morden 2 vs. Morris
DC vs. Altona
Plum Coulee vs. Miami
Morden 1 - Bye

June 13

Altona vs. Miami
DC vs. Morden 2
Plum Coulee vs. Emerson
Morden 1 vs. Carman
Morris - Bye

June 15

Morris vs. Altona
DC vs. Morden 1
Carman, Emerson, Morden 2
Miami, Plum Coulee - Byes

June 20

Home team phone scores in to Deb Thoms 745 -2090 (h) 745-5654 (w) or email

Fri. June 23 & Sat. June 24 Play off Tournament (Possibly Friday if we need to due to number of games). Playoff format will be top 4 and bottom 5 teams) Town to be Announced.

Morden June 4th contact Dale Ready 822-9920
Plum Coulee June 10 contact Deb Giesbrecht 829-3993

Games start at 6:30
7 inning games

The umpire is empowered to call a game at any time because of weather, (5 innings constitutes a game) if the game is called before the five innings are complete the entire game shall be replayed

7 run max. per inning - last inning open

10 run mercy rule after 5 complete innings

All umpires must be at least 3 years older than the oldest player on the field
In the case of a team showing up with only 8 players, we will waive the rule in the constitution and allow 8 to play with no penalty. In otherwords, the 9th player is not out.

Dimensions of bases are 60 feet between bases and 40 feet for pitching

The scores need to be phoned /emailed in to Deb Thoms by the home team as soon as possible

Home team please phone the night before to confirm game and location with visiting team. Please call the managers.

All games have to be done by Tues. June 20th NO Later.

Contact List - Please phone managers first and then coaches
Town Manager Coach

Carman Deb Thoms Terri Dyck
745-2090 (h) 745-2611 (h)
745-5654 (w) 750-1064 cell

Emerson Charlotte Johnston Kip Frater
373-2550 (h) 373-2962 (h)

Morden 1 Wayne Warkentine

Morden 2 Kevin Krueger

Altona Julie Weber
746-2966 (h)
324-2343 (w)
1-866-225-4879 (toll free)

Plum Coulee Deb Giesbrecht Sharalee Medynski
829-3993 822-6930

Morris Cindy Diamond Bob Derksen
746-6760 746-6581

Dominion City Shauneen Chubey Larry Chubey
427-2059 John Peterson 427-2564
Miami Heather Gifford Andrea/Lauren Crampton
744-2668 744-2668


At 8:39 AM, Blogger Sandy Debreuil said...

Heather gave a list of some changes. May 23rd is now June 15th in Miami, and May 25th is now June 8th in Miami a double header- be there at 5pm!

Tournaments: May 27th in Bruxelles
June 4th in Morden
June 10th in Plum Coulee
June 24th Miami Fair? not confirmed

Have fun!!
Christine - Ariana's mom


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